Mini Library

Books are main resources to get knowledge. Books improve knowledge as well as self confidence. Knowledge related to general knowledge and studies. When a child read the book by own they get more self confidence. Because they read the books without teachers help, so they will get the knowledge up to create small stories by their own without spelling and grammar mistakes. The baby may start to write small poems, story writing, essay writing etc.

In mini library you will find collection of various types of books. Libraries collection can include e-books, audio books, colourful drawings, puzzles etc. It’s not only education related books, you can find like yoga books, which gives physical and mental fitness to child. We give a time to child to read and understand the books. If they can’t understand teachers will help them to understand and to apply in daily life.

For example book may relate to good hobbies. So child will apply in their life and will lead a good life.