After School Program

After school programme is called as an evening tuition’s in common language. In this programme we are providing 100 above educational toys and worksheets, which is they have in their own syllabus. So it is very useful to learn as practically. And it’s very easy way to learning the all concepts in a short term and also remembering the concept is very long time.

After school program is totally learn through play method. It’s very interesting way to learning. And also we will complete their school homework’s in daily. Here your child will get so many uses, your child may be studying in state syllabus school, but in after school programme he will get international schools syllabus coaching for nominal fee, so his IQ level will increase. He will get both theoretical and practical coaching with experts.

Here they will get practical training also with real materials, hence he can’t forget easily. Because it’s not a just board teaching, they will do trial in lab, with real facts.

Here we take the personal care on every child to get a good knowledge.