…….Learn Through Play…….

India’s First Discovery Based Learning Program.

Why Small Wonders?

We at small wonders play school believe that early childhood education is pivotal and the basic building block for understanding the concepts and honing the skills necessary to succeed in the future.

Discovery Based Learning

Discovery based learning is an inquiry based constructivist learning, it means learning solves the problem by his/her own past experience & existing knowledge to discover factors and relationships & new truths to be learned.

Digital Classrooms

Digital class room indicates technology based classrooms, it makes wide use of technology, now world running on technology only. Technology is a scientific and invention method which gives us easy life.

Theme based activities

Theme based activities are a vehicle for a teaching a range of skills and content by integrating curriculum areas around a topic. Children love learning with themes, not only it is fun way to explore new topics, there also many educational benefits. In theme based learning different activity will cover in every week.

Stimulating and colorful premises

Colours are significantly influence children’s mood and activities. Colour surrounding a child can give calm and relaxing mood it’s very essential and should be adjusted to emotional sensitivity of children. Also colourful stickers on walls and doors will be very attractive for children. Children will enjoy with happiness and joyful learning.

Mini library

Books are main resources to get knowledge. Books improve knowledge as well as self confidence. Knowledge related to general knowledge and studies. When a child read the book by own they get more self confidence. Because they read the books without teachers help, so they will get the knowledge up to create small stories by their own without spelling and grammar mistakes. The baby may start to write small poems, story writing, essay writing etc.


We are encouraging both indoors and out door games main difference for both is in door games gives us mental exercise also outdoor games give us physical exercise.

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Small Wonders Play School- India's First Discovery Based Learning Program.

Free One Year Transportation

We are providing the First Academic year free transportation from 0.5 kms to 5 kms radius from school premises, This is applicable for Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G students.`